Power of prayer!

It has always been in my rarest interest that I comment on the prayer part as it is something I feel very personal and should be ones private matter. As we know people of different religions, people with different spiritual interest and ‘ego’ will have their own story of prayers to tell. Well, rest assured, prayer is a common interest that breaks the boundaries of any religious aspects. One should consider prayer as a spiritual realm ONLY; it is an instrument through which the Infinite intelligence, the Divine Light permeates our mind and soul.

Prayer has the power to heal wounds, block trauma effects, neutralize the emotions and yet need only one or two words of beliefs uttering from mouth. I have myself experienced and have seen , heard and felt the miracles of prayer. Prayer is one such aspect that regardless of caste, creed, gender, age has a spontaneous reaction, of course subjected to terms and conditions, as the market risks would notify

I would like to share my experiences and those of my friends in here, which will marvel many hearts and answer every single doubt one has ..